Sheriff/Tax Sales


Sheriff Sales

Civil sales of both movable and immovable property occur every Wednesday morning (excluding holidays) at 10:00 a.m. Sales are held in room G-1, Caddo Parish Courthouse, 501 Texas Street, Shreveport, LA. 71101.

Bidding is open to all persons and payment must be made by 2 p.m. on the day of the sale only certified funds will be accepted.

Specific information pertaining to Sheriff sales may also be found in the classified section of the Times Newspaper every Friday.  Sheriff sales are advertised 10 days prior to the sale (movables) and two times in a 30 day period for immovables. Detailed information on sheriff sales can be obtained in the Civil Department, Caddo Parish Courthouse, 8:30 - 5:00 any day but Wednesday.

NOTE: Writ Value generally means the principle amount owed to the Plaintiff/Creditor. It may not include additional costs such as interest, attorney's fees, court costs etc.

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Tax Sales

A tax sale is the sale of properties that have delinquent ad valorem taxes due. These properties are sold to the public for the amount of delinquent taxes due, plus any accrued interest, costs and other statutory impositions. If a property is sold at tax sale, the property owner has three years to redeem the property from the purchaser by paying the purchaser the purchase price plus a five percent (5%) penalty and one percent (1%) interest per month from the date of the tax sale until the date it is redeemed.

Tax Sales are conducted annually during the month of May and bidding is open to the public. The annual tax sale auction is conducted online at Click on the link to view properties with unpaid delinquent taxes or to register for the upcoming tax sale.